Inspection Reports


We were inspected in June 23 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate – click on the downloads below to read the full report.

ISI is appointed by the Department for Education to inspect association independent schools in England.

We were inspected on 6th-8th March 2019 by OfSTED.

Who are OfSTED?

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. We report directly to Parliament and we are independent and impartial. We inspect and regulate services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.”

During the 2019 inspection, we achieved a rating of ‘outstanding‘ in all four categories by OfSTED:

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • Outcomes for pupils (i.e. progress and achievement)

The inspectors found that the work of the school is shaped by its positive ethos within an Islamic framework, and that it prepares young British Muslim women to have high aspirations for their lives now and in the future.

They reported that the quality of teaching is very effective in helping pupils to make rapid progress and achieve high standards, and that the school sets a context in which pupils can thrive.

The inspectors spent a considerable amount of time talking to the girls, and were particularly impressed by their conduct, confidence and personal development, noting that they respond very well to the school’s high expectations of work and behaviour.

Evaluation of the school

“The school meets its aims by providing an outstanding quality of education. An outstanding curriculum with good teaching and effective support enables students to make outstanding progress. The provision for students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and their behaviour are outstanding. The provision for the students’ welfare, health and safety is good and the school meets all the requirements for safeguarding.”

Inspection by Bridge Schools Inspectorate – May 2014

“The school’s Islamic values permeate all aspects of school life and are embraced by staff and pupils alike.”
Alhamdulillah, the school was inspected by the Bridge School Inspectorate, and was considered to have maintained it’s ‘good and outstanding’ standards from the previous inspection.

The inspector spoke highly about the academic successes of the pupils and achievements of the school. The inspector was particularly pleased and impressed with the behaviour and attitude displayed by pupils throughout the school day and their eagerness to achieve well in lessons.

BSI found that, MIGSG is an “…outward-looking school which is highly successful in enabling its pupils to participate in a broad range of activities which deepen their knowledge and understanding of life as British citizens. At the same time they achieve high academic standards and are well prepared for moving on to further and higher education. ”

Alhamdulillah, the hard work and dedication of the school in helping to nurture well rounded young British Muslims was recognised. The inspection stated that MIGSG ” …contributes significantly to pupils’ outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, particularly through the exceptional range of extra-curricular activities, visits to places of interest and links with other schools. ”

The quality of teaching and learning in the school was again considered to be excellent and continually improving.

“Teachers’ excellent subject knowledge and high expectations ensure that pupils are challenged to achieve their best. Pupils enjoy school, as seen in their above average attendance, their excellent behaviour and their positive attitudes in lessons. They want to do well and know what they need to do to improve. ”

MIGSG would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and members of the local community for their help and support in creating a successful school in Manchester. Jazakh’Allah.

To view our INSPECTION reports please click on the attachments below.


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