Faith in Action

Students develop their Quranic skills through pronunciation, tafseer and memorisation. Quranic messages embody the whole school curriculum and ethos of the school.

Students have an opportunity to develop their Islamic knowledge for five years at MIGSG, as well as put into practice what they have learnt in the day to day actions in and outside of school. Islamic studies is reflected not just in the Islamic studies lessons, but the whole school curriculum embodies an Islamic ethos

Assembly is the spiritual focus of the week addressing key Islamic and national dates. As well as topical subjects for example Black History Month. This is delivered by the assembly co-ordinator and is an opportunity to showcase student productions of key topics.

There is an opportunity for whole school Jummah congregational prayer to take place, addressing key Islamic topics as well as visiting local Jummah prayers at various mosques

Ramadan is the most important part of the MIGSG calendar, with a countdown taking place a year in advance. A month worth of spiritual growth, both staff and students together united in their personal targets. Ramadan is an opportunity for spiritual events and activities to take place for both students, staff, parents and the community.

Umrah Trips – The school gives an opportunity for staff, students and members of the public to complete the smaller pilgrimage together, a journey of a lifetime

Prayer is the pinnacle of the day, breaking up lessons with the Adhan echoing around the school and all staff and students together in one congregation fulfilling their duty to Allah (swt). Duhr is prayer together in school and during the winter months, Asr is also prayed in school

Our family of schools in the Manchester Islamic Educational Trust:

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