School Uniform

Uniform and Appearance

Students are required to wear the correct school uniform:

  • throughout the school day
  • when travelling to and from school
  • on all occasions when they represent the school off site

A range of sanctions (see below) will be imposed for infringements of the uniform and appearance code. The Head Teacher reserves the right to send home girls who do not comply with the school’s requirements, as outlined below:


  • Full Length Skirt* Navy blue
  • Leggings Navy blue or black
  • Blouse Blue long sleeved
  • Sleeveless V Neck Pullover* Navy blue with school logo
  • Blazer* Navy blue with light blue trim with school logo
  • Shoes Plain Black (no logos/tags, white soles or edging). Shoes should     be made of leather or a similar synthetic waterproof material, and fit the foot so that they do not slip off easily, preferably fastened with a strap or laces. No platforms, ballerina pumps, trainers, boots, fabric or suede shoes.
  • Socks Plain black/ navy (no patterns or stripes). Knee or ankle length to cover the whole foot and ankle, not trainer socks
  • Coat Navy blue or black  – plain
  • Headscarf* Navy – with school logo/ Prefects – white
  • Winter scarves and gloves Plain navy or black


  • Navy joggers
  • Navy blue long sleeved T-Shirt with school logo
  • Trainers (not of canvas type material)

*Must be official school items purchased from official stockist:

Elite Uniforms

166D Manchester Road


M16 0DZ

Tel:  07702 105550

Online : School Uniforms | School Uniforms Manchester | England


Summer/Winter Clothing and Accessories:

In cold weather students should wear the official school pullover – no hoodies or other types of sweater are allowed. Coats, scarves and gloves must be navy blue or black, and must be removed on entry to school.

In warm weather caps and sunhats are not allowed. Sunglasses must be removed inside the school building.

Please note:

The school blazer must be worn when in public (i.e. in the street, shops or on public transport) during the journey to and from school. Students may take the blazer off when in classrooms during lesson time and during break and lunchtime, but it must be worn when moving between lessons and during school assembly. To ensure full modesty, students should wear a plain white T-shirt (with no images or logos) underneath the school shirt if they wish to take off their blazer at any time.

The hijab is an integral part of the school uniform. Whilst we understand that students might not wear the hijab at home, it must be worn at all times when students are in school uniform – this includes in public when travelling to and from school. If the hijab is prone to slip or is loose, a navy blue headband must be worn with it

As the new school uniform incorporates a long skirt, there will no longer be the option to wear a jilbab as an alternative to the normal uniform. Students in Year 8 – 11 who previously wore the jilbab should now be wearing the new uniform. Students may wear a jilbab as an alternative to a coat on the way to and from school, but this should be removed on entry to the building.

All items of school uniform must be kept clean and in good condition, and repaired or replaced promptly when damaged or no longer fitting correctly.


Black jilbab with a white hijab.

Black or navy blue leggings to be worn underneath (no other type of legwear is allowed)


On non-uniform days students may wear clothing of their choice, provided this conforms to the school requirement for modest Islamic clothing.

The school requirement for modest Islamic clothing is loose fitting tops to at least mid-thigh length and loose-fitting trousers, all of a non-transparent fabric. Skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings are not acceptable, unless worn underneath a jilbab.


Jewellery is restricted to one watch. Expensive jewellery should not be brought to school and parents are asked to ensure that this rule is followed. Jewellery and badges should not be worn on blazer lapels or other clothing, unless provided by the school for a special event. Please note that iwatches, (for example Apple watch) and piercings such as nose studs (including transparent studs) are not permitted and students will be asked to remove such items immediately, regardless of whether or not this will cause the hole to close – it is essential therefore that any new piercings are carried out at the start of the summer holidays so that they can be removed when the school term starts. Students may be withdrawn from lessons or sent home if they are unable to remove unauthorised jewellery and in this case parents will be asked to ensure its removal before their daughter is permitted to return. Plain stud earrings are allowed, but no other design is permissible.

Any unauthorised jewellery will be confiscated until the end of the school day on the first occasion. Other sanctions and longer confiscation will apply on subsequent occasions.


Makeup of any kind (for example, foundation, eye liner, kohl, mascara, gel mascara, nail varnish or any related items) must not be worn or brought into school, even on non-uniform days or trips. Students will be asked to remove it immediately and it will be confiscated. Other embellishments such as false or artificially enhanced/curled eyelashes, false nails, etc. are not permitted. Any breach of these conditions will be regarded as a serious disciplinary matter and will be dealt with severely.


Students must not write on their hands, face or any other part of the body. The occasional use of henna following a special event is permitted, provided this is of a traditional Islamic design.


Clear lip balm may be worn (no tinted versions).

Spot/pimple patches must be transparent and circular (no colours, star or other shapes).


  • First instance: Warning
  • Second instance: Demerit
  • Third instance: Lunchtime detention
  • Fourth instance: After school detention
  • Fifth instance: Internal suspension
  • Any further instances: Student will be sent home until uniform is correct

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