Faith Mission

Developing proud, modern British Muslim citizens

Manchester Islamic Grammar School for Girls is a welcoming and safe learning environment in which students are encouraged to explore and develop their Islamic faith and character. Our students are proud British Muslim citizens and ambassadors for the culture, faith and values of Islam.

Strong religious belief is the foundation of the emotional, social and spiritual education of our students. Daily prayer and Islamic Studies are an integral part of the timetable and reinforce the ethos of the school. Through regular practice and involvement in charitable work, our students develop their own sense of identity and belonging in the community.

Our school culture encourages the Muslim values of tolerance, care, empathy and understanding. Students are educated in the importance of having respect for and valuing the contribution of others. They are encouraged to seek out opportunities to put their faith into action – both through the curriculum and through their own spiritual journeys.
Under the guidance of Islam, students are able to explore their own humility and discipline, which promotes integration and social harmony within the wider community. Our British values of tolerance and mutual respect, democracy, rule of law and liberty, are actively promoted throughout the curriculum. Parents can be confident their daughters will leave this school as well-rounded, confident young Muslimahs.

Our family of schools in the Manchester Islamic Educational Trust:

141 Barlow Moor Road
Didsbury, Manchester M20 2PQ

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