خوش آمدید

At KS3 Urdu is a popular subject. Keen interest shown in the subject stems from family background, as well as social, cultural and media influences. Urdu provides a solid foundation upon which further Islamic studies can be undertaken allowing students access to a significant body of Islamic literature in Urdu.

The aim of the department is to ensure that pupils are able to develop all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Mastering communication skills, pupils will not only build up a deeper understanding and affiliation of their own culture, but also will enhance their literacy skills.

What we do at KS3

There are two lessons of Urdu per week in years 7-9. Lessons comprise of a variety of structured and interactive group work activities alongside independent learning. Different resources are used to enhance lessons.

In Year 7 topics covered include personal identification, family, describing your house, telling the time and talking about school.

In Year 8 topics include religions and festivals, daily routine, seasons and weather, hobbies, healthy lifestyle, holidays and talking about your town.

In Year 9 pupils learn about lifestyle, work and education, social issues. Throughout the course pupils study appropriate grammar to facilitate independent use of the language.

Pupils are expected to complete one piece of homework per week at Key Stage 3. Homework consists of written tasks, reading comprehensions, researching and learning of vocabulary. As well as ongoing assessment through teacher observation and marking, pupils are formally assessed through exams.

What we do at KS4

In previous years, pupils were taking Urdu GCSE exam at the end of year 9. Due to new changes in curriculum and specification, the school has reviewed this policy and current year 9 will be offered Urdu as an optional subject at KS4.

Pupils will study AQA new specification which will commence from September 2017.

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