These are some of the comments from parents/guardians about their MIGSG experience. We are thrilled to have such positive feedback. 

“At a time of huge uncertainty my daughters experience of academic and emotional support from MIHSG has been truly heartwarming. From the start she has been receiving reassuring messages from teachers and enough guided and structured work to assure her that her education will not be compromised. At the same time the teachers have continued to show empathy and understanding at how confusing this time might be for the girls and have been checking in with them to make sure they’re ok and not feeling overwhelmed. A virtual classroom was quickly set up for a purely non academic purpose to allow the girls to stay connected and share reminders and fun ideas. As a working parent this has proved a huge relief knowing the school is a continuing to embrace our daughters wellbeing in every way”.

Year 10 parent

“Really pleased and grateful that an alternative learning system was organised so quickly for the girls during the Corona situation. My daughter continues to learn, and she  works at her own pace -she’s aiming to get ahead and have extra time off! It’s a great opportunity to do school and other stuff during this time, especially in the run up to Ramadan. We’re missing friends but technology helps to keep everyone connected.  Thanks to all the staff for facilitating things so quickly, and for the support and accessibility.   We look forward to being back at school but in the meantime will try and benefit from the situation… and everything is good for the believer.”

Year 8 Parent

“I am really pleased with the support my daughter is getting from her teachers. The teachers were quick to set up google classrooms and started giving out class work   from day one.

I would like to congratulate to the head teacher and all staff on their efficiency and quickness of response in unprecedented circumstances.”

Year 7 Parent

As a new parent who’s child has started at MIGSG, I’m sure you will anticipate it’s a very difficult time for any parent/child with the transition into this next chapter of their lives.

With the added anxieties around Covid and the challenges we are facing I would really like to thank all the staff for welcoming my daughter and making it as comfortable as you possibly could to settle her in. We travel a 2 hour journey daily and were not sure if this would be the right choice, but only a couple of weeks into school she has made friends and is enjoying her learning, and us bonding with her teachers. The feeling we get as she bounces in with enthusiasm at the end of the day is immense. I look forward to the next five years inshallah to see her develop and grow into a good Muslimah inshallah.

Once again thank you so much for you’re compassion and all you’re hard work.

Jazakh’Allah’Khair for this wonderful message from a year 7 parent. We are truly humbled with your kind words and pray to Allah SWT that we can continue to provide the highest level of education to our students.

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